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Arizona State University
Location: Tempe, Ariz.
Conference: PAC 12
Colors: Maroon and Gold
Fight Song: ASU Fight Song

If you think the costumed ASU mascot and the pitchfork carrying logo are
actually Sun Devils then think again. While they certainly possess a
devilish look, a "sun devil" according to the ASU School of Climatology, is
actually an unusual atmospheric condition that's caused by a high amount
of sunlight.

Despite his existence being a bit misleading, Sparky has a devil of a good
time leading the maroon and gold. The costumed devil can be found on
the ASU sideline and his likeness appears on the University's football
helmets. Update:  Sparky will now be featured on the back of the football
Arizona State's mascot, Sparky,
delivers a devilish smile
University Nickname: Sun Devils

Having a devil of a time, might be one way to describe ASU's quest for
its nickname. Prior to the adoption of Sun Devils in 1946, the school
athletic teams were know as the "Normals." While not very catchy, but
than the "abnormals", the nickname was an abbreviation for the Territorial Normal School of Arizona. Things
remained "Normal" through the early 1920s.

Oddly enough,the school's next nickname surfaced after a season-opening 1922 loss to a high school team.
Despite falling to Mesa High, the "Normals" were said to have played the game with the tenacity of a bulldog.
With supporters of the school pushing for it to become a four-year school along with the need for a distinctive
athletic symbol, the "Bulldog" nickname became top dog.

World War II would have a dramatic effect on the Bulldog football program. The team was shut down for three
seasons while its members went off to war. While football would return to ASU, the Bulldog nickname
remained missing in action.

A new post-war era began at ASU with the formation of the Sun Angel Arizona State booster organization. The
group which included old Bulldog Boosters sought the opportunity to mark a new beginning for the school.
They made dumping Bulldogs their first order of business and adopted "Sun Devils." The new nickname gave
the school a new image and helped break the leash to once being known as the old Tempe Normal School.
Arizona State Rebrands itself with
a bold new look
for 2011 and beyond

The return of black to the Sun Devil attitude is a nod to
the football teams of the 50's that wore black helmets.
That combined with the strength, power and attitude
black exudes made it an obvious choice for a third
primary color. Additionally, Sun Devil Athletics has long
embraced the majesty of the Arizona landscape, making
copper, one of the states most recognized resources, a
natural choice as an accent color.

Second, Nike developed a custom athletic font called
Sun Devil Bold. This font, which is exclusive to Sun Devil
Athletics, incorporates unique characteristics intended
to represent the horns of its mascot Sparky or the tines
of the pitchfork he carries.

Courtesy: Arizona State Athletics
The Sun Devils New Look
A new logo and design
Sparky now takes a back seat to a pitch fork on
the Sun Devils new helmet design
Photo courtesy of Arizona State Athletics
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A New Sparky at Arizona State?
"My What Big Eyes You Have!"

With the help of Disney, a new mascot costume
has been unveiled for Sparky.  However the word
is that some of the Sun Devil faithful aren't so BIG
on the mascot's big eyes and bulging muscles.  
As a matter of fact, it's been reported that some of
the ASU students have labeled the new Sparky as
downright creepy.  Other complaints have labeled
the suggested costume as giving the mascot the
appearance of being on meth or resembling a
'child-molesting Burger King.
Their have been many demands for a return to the
old Sparky and an effort to let fans design their
own mascot online.
Arizona State Bulldogs