College Nicknames That Don't End With an "S"
It's one of the most popular NCAA nickname trivia questions and here's the answer
College Football Nicknames That Don’t End With an “S”
There are 119 NCAA Football teams playing at the FBS level.  Schools like Alabama and Notre Dame are
usually the first schools guessed, but it takes a true fan to name all 12 of them.
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Illinois Fighting Illini
  • Navy Midshipmen
  • Nevada Wolf Pack
  • North Carolina Wolf Pack
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • North Texas Mean Green
  • Stanford Cardinal
  • Syracuse Orange
  • Tulane Green Wave
  • Tulsa Golden Hurricane
Although North Texas has
also sported the "Eagles"
Nickname, the "Mean
Green" nickname became
the ultimate selection as a
tribute to the school colors
and former North Texas
star Mean Joe Greene.
Stanford University took its initial
step towards becoming a
member of the no "S" club when
they dropped the "Indians"
nickname for the more politically
correct "Cardinals" nickname in
1972.  The "S" was dropped by
the school in 1981 and now they
are known as the Stanford
Cardinal in honor of the schools
primary color.
In your discussions of this
nickname trivia question,
someone probably asked,
"What type of herd thunders for
Well it's a buffalo!
This nickname might just be the oddest of
the list.  Tulsa University is known as the
"Golden Hurricane."   However the
Oklahoma based university is far, far away
from a body of water that might actually
produce a hurricane.
Fighting Illini Nickname Emerged in the 1920s as school supporters
sought support for a new stadium.
Out of this came the battle cry of the stadium campaign: "Build that
stadium for fighting Illini." Since the stadium was built to honor alumni,
staff, and students who who died during World War I, the term "Fighting
Illini" was seemingly being linked to military service. At the same time,
the term was broad enough to be of general applicability.
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