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Discover which of these FBS schools have produced a player with a top 4 finish in the  
voting for the "Stiff-armed" Trophy.
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
2006: Darren McFadden
2007: Darren McFadden
Arizona State
  1996: Jake Plummer
Boise State
    2010: Kellen Moore
    1948: Jackie Jensen
1954: Paul Larson
Georgia Tech
1963: Billy Lothridge
1999: Joe Hamilton
1942: Clint Castleberry
  2007: Colt Brennan
  1964: Dick Butkus
1965: Jim Grabowski
1959: Bill Burrell
1989: Anthony Thompson
Iowa State
1996: Troy Davis
    1973: David Jaynes
Kansas State
1998: Michael Bishop
  1951: Babe Parelli
1950: Babe Parelli
1957: Lou Michaels
1998: Tim Couch
    1997: Randy Moss
1952: Jack Scarbath
1953: Bernie Faloney
Michigan State
  1957: Walt Kowalczyk
1963: Sherman Lewis
1955: Earl Morrall
1985: Lorenzo White
1987: Lorenzo White
    1939: Paul Christman
2007: Chase Daniel
North Carolina
1948: Charlie Justice
  1943: Otto Graham
1995: Darnell Autry
Ole Miss
  1960: Jake Gibbs
1970: Archie Manning
2003: Eli Manning
1947: Charley Connerly
1969: Archie Manning
1966: Bob Griese
1968 Leyroy Keys
1969: Mike Phipps
2000: Drew Brees
1980: Mark Herrmann
1999: Drew Brees
San Diego St.
1992: Marshall Faulk
  1993: Marshall Faulk
1986: Paul Palmer
1951: Hank Lauricella
1956: Johnny Majors
1993: Heath Shuler
1997: Peyton Manning
  1939: George Cafego
Texas Tech
    1965: Donnie Anderson
2008: Graham Harrell
1964: Jerry Rhome
1965: Howard Twilley
    2004: Alex Smith
    1990: Shawn Moore
Virginia Tech
  1999: Michael Vick
    1991: Steve Emtman
Washington St.
1997: Ryan Leaf
West Virginia
  1989: Major Harris
2006: Steve Slaton
Across the nation, colleges are building statues honoring their Heisman Winners, however these universities can only
hope for the day that one of their players proudly hoists college football's top individual award.
The Heisman Trophy has been presented every year since 1935
Second Fiddle
No FBS college football program has come
closer to winning their first Heisman Trophy
than Tennessee.  The Volunteers have
produced four 2nd place finishes including
Peyton Manning in 1997.
Top Heisman Schools
See what colleges have produced the most
winners of college football's top individual
Passed UP
A tremendous line of
Quarterbacks such as Bob
Griese, Mike Phipps, Mark
Herrman and Drew Brees have
earned top 4 finishes in the
Heisman Trophy voting
Manning Up!
Although neither Archie, Peyton or Eli Manning ever
brought home a Heisman Trophy, they have been in
the mix with a second place finish and two third
places among them.
Shortening the List
When Robert Griffin III hoisted college football
top award in 2011, the Baylor Bears were
removed from the list of school's still seeking
their first Heisman.
Hog Tied!
While running for Arkansas, Darren McFadden
finished as the Heisman runner up in consecutive
seasons.  He was second to Ohio State's Troy Smith
in 2006 and Florida's Tim Tebow in 2007.
Listed below are colleges without a Heisman winner that have produced candidates that finished
in the top four of the voting.  Players are sorted by school and their placement in the voting.