Filmed in Chicago and surrounding areas,
The Express will be distributed by Universal
Pictures and is scheduled for an October
2009 Release.
Charles S. Dutton will play
the role of Willie Davis,
Erinie's grandfather.
Ernie Davis - 1961 Heisman Trophy WinnerThe Movie,"The Express" Featuring the
Life of Heisman Winner Ernie Davis
Ernie Davis - 1961 Heisman Trophy WinnerProduction began rolling in March 2007 for the film "The
Express"  Here's an overview of individuals featured in
the film that will highlight the life of Heisman Trophy
winner Ernie Davis.

Who is in "The Express" Lineup?

Playing the role of Ernie Davis
Actor Rob Brown has scored the lead role.  The 22-year-old Brown, an
actor from Brooklyn, played football at Amherst College in
Massachusetts. He made his motion picture debut in 2000 as one of
the leads in "Finding Forrester." The movie starred Academy Award
winners Sean Connery, Anna Paquin and F. Murray Abraham.  Brown
has since appeared in "Coach Carter" in 2005, starring Samuel L.
"The Express Actor Charles S. Dutton"
"The Express Actor Dennnis Quaid"