Michigan Wolverines Football Jerseys
That Have Been Retired
According to Big 10 jersey expert Mark Rea, the following
Michigan Wolverines football jerseys have been retired.

Francis, Albert  & Alvin Wistert:  These three  
brothers all wore jersey #11 for Michigan.  
They're know for being 3 of the best tackles in
Michigan history.  The brothers' careers
spanned from 1931 to 1949.

Desmond Howard is the most recent
Wolverine to have his jersey retired.  The
University retired his No. 21 in 2015.  Howard
won the 1991 Heisman Trophy after leading
the Big 10 in scoring.

Bennie Oosterbaan wore Michigan Jersey #
47.  He was an All-American in both football
and basketball and later returned to Michigan
to coach the Wolverines to 3 Big 10 titles.

Gerald Ford donned Michigan Wolverines
football jersey #48 while playing both center
and linebacker for Michigan.  After Ford helped
to lead Michigan to national championships in
1932 and 1933, Ford would later become the
President of the United States in 1974.

Ron Kramer wore Michigan Wolverine jersey
#87.  Kramer was a 3-sport star for the
Wolverines and later played 10 seasons in
the NFL.

Tom Harmon won the Heisman Trophy in
1940 and led the nation in scoring in 1939
and 1940.  Tom Harmon wore Michigan
Wolverine jersey #98
Michigan Wolverines Football History and Traditions
Discover great facts to include Wolverines retired football jerseys, Heisman Winners, rivalries and more.
Michigan Wolverines Football Facts & History
  • National Championships:  The Wolverines lay claim to 11 national titles
    with their first one being gained in 1901 when Fielding Yost's squad posted an
    11-0 record and won the Rose Bowl.  Yost went on to coach 5 more national
    championship seasons from the Wolverines sideline in (1902, 1903, 1904,
    1918 and 1923).  Additional national championships have been coached by
    Harry Kipke (1932 & 1933), Fritz Crisler (1947), Bennie Oosterbaan (1948) and
    Lloyd Carr (1997).
  • Number of Michigan undefeated football seasons - 12: The school's first
    undefeated mark took place in 1879.  Since then the Maize and Blue has
    avoided any losses in the following years: (1880, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1898,
    1910, 1922, 1930, 1973 and 1992).
  • Michigans first bowl game - 1902 Rose Bowl:  Played on January 1, following
    the 1901 season.  Michigan beat Stanford 49-0
  • Most coaching wins by a Wolverines football coach - Bo Schembechler: From
    1969-1989, the beloved University of Michigan head coach directed 194 wins vs.
    a mere 48 losses and 5 ties.  Schembechler posted a .796 win percentage.
  • Number of Michigan Heisman Trophy winners - 3:  Tom Harmon won the
    award in 1940, Desmond Howard gained the trophy in 1991 and Charles
    Woodson gained Heisman fame in 1997.
  • Michigan Wolverines in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: George Allen, Len Ford,
    Bill Hewit, Dan Diedorf, Benny Hewitt, Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch, Tom Mack,
    Ralph Wilson.
  • Michigan vs. Ohio State Rivalry:  Known as "The Game" by many that follow this
    heated rivalry.  ESPN dubbed this annual slug fest in 2000 as the "Greatest
    North American Sports Rivalry."  Michigan leads the rivalry that was first played in
  • Michigan Wolverine football uniforms:  Made famous by the school's winged
    helmets and Maize and Blue Colors.  The winged helmet design was brought to
    the University of Michigan in 1938 by new Head Football Fritz Crisler who had
    used a similar design at his previous coaching stint Princeton.  The helmet
    design was thought to assist passers in spotting their teammates downfield.
  • Michigan fight song: "The Victors".  Known as of college football's best fight
    songs, The Victors was penned in 1898 by UM student Louis Elbel just after a
    nail-biting win over the University of Chicago.
Michigan Ranks High
in the Pro Football Hall
of Fame
Dan Diedorf is one of
eight former Wolverine
stars who played their way
into the Pro Football Hall
of Fame.  Only USC and
Notre Dame have placed
more former players in
Michigan Wolverines
Football Traditions
Michigan's Top
NFL Stars of
Desmond Joins the Club
Michigan's No. 21 is the latest jersey number to
be retired by the University
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