Ohio State Buckeye Game Day Traditions


The origins of one of Ohio State’s greatest traditions, the band’s dotting of the “I” strangely enough came
from the schools biggest rival.  It was the University of Michigan’s band that first employed the “scripted
Ohio” in formation during a 1932 game against the Buckeyes in Columbus.  However, it’s now an all-Ohio
moment at Buckeye home games as an OSU band member is honored with the glory of adding the
famous dot.
Jason Evans, a fourth year Ohio State band member had the privilege to dot the “i” in 1998.  He says that
the nearly breath taking moment goes to fourth and fifth-year tuba players.
“It’s the biggest honor than anybody in the band can have,” said Evans.  “There was extreme
nervousness.  It’s very nerve racking knowing that in Ohio Stadium there’s 95,000 people watching just
you.  The crowd roars and it’s a very intense and overwhelming feeling.”   
ESPN college football analyst, Beano Cook is so enamored with this tradition that he has been quoted as
saying that he’d “rather dot the “i” before I die than be president, because it’s a greater honor.”      


Because of a tradition that began in 1953, visiting school’s fans and players may leave Columbus with a
ringing in their ears.  Each Buckeye victory at Ohio stadium is marked with the ringing of the victory bell
located in the southeast tower.  This gift from the class of 1943 has rung on cue every time but once.  A
1965 thrashing of Iowa was marked with silence when it was discovered that the bell’s clapper had been


Watch the OSU cheerleaders after a Buckeye touchdown and you’d think that they had joined the Muslim
faith.  Both guys and girls get down on their hands and knees and perform the “Ahla” tradition.  Grouped in
the end zone area, the cheerleaders go up and down and chant “Oh-hi-oh” repeatedly.

Ohio State's Nickname:  What's a Buckeye?

One of college football’s most puzzling nicknames is the term “Buckeye.”  Unless you hail from Ohio, you
might have driven yourself “nutty” by wondering where this nickname “sprouted” from.  Have no fear, you’ll
“leave” this page with a new understanding.
A buckeye is a tree that is common in Ohio.  The tree’s “standing” in the state is so tall, that Ohio citizens
have been referred to as buckeyes and Ohio is know as the “Buckeye State.”  The buckeye tree produces
an olive sized mahogany colored seed and leaves that are replicated on OSU football helmets for player

Ohio State Buckeye Mascot: Brutus Buckeye

The big costumed character that roams the OSU sidelines is Brutus Buckeye.  His outfit features a
oversized buckeye nut styled head and a striped shirt that includes his name “Brutus.”  The mascot has a
long tradition with the school and has plenty of reasons to have the big head, according to OSU
cheerleader and mascot coordinator Judy Bunting in a 1998 interview.
“In reality he’s more than just a mascot for our athletic programs,” said Bunting.  “He’s really the symbol
for OSU and really for the state of Ohio.  Everybody recognizes him around this area.”
Ohio State Buckeye Dots the iDotting the
A proud Ohio State Tuba
player salutes the Buckeye
faithful after dotting the "i"
Ohio State Buckeye Mascot Brutus BuckeyeBrutus Buckeye Cheers on Ohio State
Not only does Ohio State's
Brutus Buckeye generate
school spirit, but he
serves as the most
recognizable figure for

Ohio State
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