Wisconsin Game Day Traditions, the 5th QuarterRutgers Scarlet Knights Nickname, Mascot
and Gameday Traditions
Knighted in 1955
This Rutgers mascot represented
a new era of "first class football"
when he took the field on the back
of a spirited white charger.
Ever since Rutgers played in the first college football game ever played the Scarlet Knights program has had a
profound impact on the sport.  With their planned move to the Big 10 more excitement is on the way!
More Kid Friendly
The current Scarlet Knight boast an
oversized head and stuffed body.  His
winning smile is quite distinctive as well.
Location: New Brunswick, N.J.
Conference: Big East
School Colors: Scarlet
Fight Song: "The Bells Must Ring"

Though other universities may claim to have great football tradition due to their championships and Heisman
Trophy winners, Rutgers University will forever be known for its influence on the game. Rutgers is the birthplace of
college football, having hosted Princeton in collegiate football 's first game in 1869.

Rutgers was once known as Queen's College and its athletic teams were called the "Queensmen" for some 30
years.  When a desire to increase RU 's fighting spirit took place in the early 1950s, a campus wide selection
process was held.   Scarlet Knights emerged as a new symbol to reflect the rejuvenation of first class football "On
the Banks."

During the "Queensmen" era at RU, a giant felt-covered mascot known as the "Chanticleer" first served in 1925.  
While the Chanticleer was actually a fighting Cock, RU faithful never became fully comfortable with its "chicken"
connotation during its 30 years of service.
Once the Scarlet Knight nickname came into vogue, the Scarlet Knight mascot became
commissioned in 1955.  Often with sword and sh ield in hand, the Scarlet Knight has turned many heads
through the years while riding his spirited warhorse onto the field.
Rutgers Shining Knight
Ray Rice
The University's most acclaimed player in
modern times is RB Ray Rice who had a
stellar collegiate career.  Rice amassed 4,926
career rushing yards and was a 2nd Team
All-American in 2006 an '07.
Success has continued for Rice in the pros.
Not only has he become one of the top backs
in the NFL, he became a Super Bowl
champion with the Ravens victory in Super
Rutgers Most Resilient Knight
Eric LeGrand
Life changed in a moment for Eric LeGrand when he
suffered a sever spinal injury while making a tackle.  
The fateful play took place on October 16, 2010 and
the Rutgers player was diagnosed with a fracture of
the C3 and C4 vertebrae which resulted in LeGrand
being paralyzed from the neck down.  
Determined to recover as much as possible,
LeGrand began extensive rehab that began with
breathing without a ventilator.  Soon the young man
that had once been the strongest Rutgers football
player was regaining movement in his upper body
and sensation throughout his body.   
By the fall of 2011, LeGrand was well enough to
return to a Rutgers game to take the field with his
team.  The reaction to his rolling onto the field to the
sound of incredible cheering was later named the
"most indelible moment of the yea"r and was the
awarded Sports Illustrated’s Fans Choice Best
Moment of 2011t
A Touching Tribute to
Where it Began
The First Game statue is located at
Rutgers Stadium pays tribute to
Rutgers playing in college football's
first game.  A University tradition
on Football Saturdays is for the
football team to walk down the
"Scarlet Walk" and touch the statue.
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Had Rutgers not hosted Princeton for America's first football game on November 6, 1869, we may have never
heard Hank Williams Junior's. Monday night question, "Are you ready for some football?"
In front of about 100 spectators, Rutgers won 6-4 in the game that employed 25 players on each team. The style of
play bore little resemblance to today's game, but instead was adopted from those of the London Football

Why these two schools played in the first American football game was a result of an intense rivalry that was
festering.   With only 20 miles separating the two universities, opposing students were constantly squabbling over
possession of an old Revolutionary cannon.  Not only had Princeton cemented their hold on the popular cannon by
sinking the gun in concrete, but also their baseball team had just whipped Rutgers 40-2.  Seeking redemption!,
Rutgers issued the fateful, "Are you ready for some Football?" challenge to Princeton. The rest is history.........