Although the NFL has been structured to optimize parity throughout the league where all teams work with the same salary caps and the NFL's
weak teams get the top draft choices, there still is a long list of teams that have not won a Super Bowl.  13 of 32 teams are still seeking the
honor of being called Super Bowl Champions - Heisman Trophy Winners - Heisman Trophy Candidates - Heisman Trophy HistoryNFL Teams Without a Super Bowl Championship
Discover the list of teams still seeking that first Super Bowl Title since the first one
kicked off in January 1967.
Four "Bad Bills"
Despite dominating the AFC in the early
1990s, Jim Kelly's Buffalo Bills
anguished through four consecutive
Super Bowl losses.
AFC Teams Still Seeking Their First Super Bowl Championship
Buffalo Bills
Super Bowl Record (0-4)
Last appearance: 1993
The Bills made four consecutive Super Bowl appearances following the 1990, 91, 92
and 93 seasons.  Key players such as Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith
helped the franchise to establish dominance over the AFC, but the Bills could not
capture the ultimate prize.
Cincinnati Bengals
Super Bowl Record (0-2)
Last Appearance: 1988
The Bengals fell to San Francisco in both of their appearances following the 1991
and 1998 seasons.  In SB XVI, Cincinnati outgained the 49ers by 356 yards to 275
margin, but four turnovers doomed QB Ken Anderson and company.  SB XXIII saw the
Bengals leading 16-13 with 3:10 left.  However a successful Joe Montana drive
helped pull the championship away from the Bengals.
Cleveland Browns
No Super Bowl Appearances
The Browns championship success was generated prior to the Super Bowl era when
they won NFL titles in 1950, 1954, 1955 and 1964
Houston Texans
No Super Bowl Appearances
Since kicking off their inaugural season in 2002, the Texans are still seeking their first
playoff appearance
Jacksonville Jaguars
No Super Bowl Appearances
Although Jacksonville has not made an appearance in the NFL's championship
game, the Jaguars have made it to the conference title game following the 1996 and
1999 seasons.
San Diego Chargers
Super Bowl Record (0-1)
Last Apperance: 1994
In the pre Super Bowl era, the Chargers were AFL champions in 1963.  The AFC West
squad has made one Super Bowl appearance which followed the 1994 season.  The
Chargers fell to the 49ers 49-26.
Tennessee Titans
Super Bowl Record (0-1)
Since the former Houston Oilers (no Super Bowl appearances) moved to Tennessee
in 1997, the franchise has earned one Super Bowl berth.  The Titans culminated the
1999 season with NFL title match against the St. Louis Rams in which the Titans fell
narrowly to the St. Louis Rams.
NFC Teams Still Seeking Their First Super Bowl Title
Arizona Cardinals
Super Bowl Record (0-1)
Last Appearance: 2008
While based in Chicago, the franchise won NFL championships in 1925 and 1947.  
However it wasn't until the 2008 season that the Arizona Cardinals earned a Super
Bowl berth.  Despite leading late in the contest, the Cardinall fell to the Pittsburgh
Steelers 27-23.
Atlanta Falcons
Super Bowl Record (0-1)
Last Appearance: 1998
Since the franchise kicked off in 1966, the Falcons have earned one Super Bowl berth
after winning the 1998 NFC Championship.  Atlanta fell to John Elway and the Denver
Broncos 34-19.
Carolina Panthers
Super Bowl Record (0-2)
Last Appearance: 2003
Football for Carolina began with the 1995 season.  The Panthers claimed their first
NFC Championship in 2003, but fell to New England 32-29 in Super Bowl XXXVIII.  
Carolina returned as favorites to Super Bowl 50, but fell to a buzz saw defense by a
24-10 score.
Detroit Lions
No Super Bowl Appearances
Despite winning NFL Championships in 1935, 1952, 1953 and 1957, the Lions have
been unable to earn a Super Bowl berth.
Minnesota Vikings
Super Bowl Record (0-4)
Last Appearance; 1976
The Vikings earned an NFL Championship in 1969, but followed that win with a loss to
Kansas City in Super Bowl II.  The Vikings returned to the Super Bowl following the
1973, 1974 and 1976 seasons, but fell to Dolphins, Steelers and Raiders in
convincing fashion.
Philadelphia Eagles
Super Bowl Record (0-2)
Last Appearance: 2004
The Eagles franchise earned NFL Championships in the 1948, 1949 and 1960
seasons.  However the team has fallen in both of its Super Bowl attempts.  The
Raiders beat Philly 27-10 following the 1980 season, while the 2004 season
culminated with a 24-21 loss to New England.
The Longest Yard
The Tennessee Titans came within a
yard of sending their Super Bowl XXXIV
contest against the Rams to overtime.
A win was not in the "Cards"
for Warner
QB Kurt Warner helped to deliver the St.
Louis Rams to a Super Bowl XXXIV
victory, but fell just short of another NFL
title in Super Bowl XLIII while guiding
Arizona towards an upset bid against the
Fran Not the Man on
Super Sundays
Known as "Fran the Man", the scrambling Fran
Tarkenton and the Minnesota Vikings failed in their
three appearances with him as their trigger man.  
The franchise's overall record in the championship
game is 0-4
No Longer on the List
Thanks to the efforts of Head Coach Sean
Payton and QB Drew Brees, the New Orleans
Saints earned their first Super Bowl title in 2009
Things haven't been Super
in Detroit
No NFL franchise has been further away
from a Super Bowl Championship since
the big game kicked off nearly five
decades ago.  
Cincy Says "Say it Ain't So Joe!"
The Cincinnati Bengals road to Super Bowl
glory had to go through Joe Montana on two
separate ocasions.  Needless to say, the
Bengals came up on the short end of XVI and
XXIII following the 1981 and 1988
regular seasons.
Cam Newton
The 2010 Heisman Trophy
took Carolina to Super Bowl
50, but the magic fell short
against Denver.
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Falcons Shot Down
Despite bringing a dominating defense
and Pro Bowl RB Jamal Anderson to Super
Bowl XXXIII at the end of the 1998 season,
Atlanta was no match for John Elway's
Denver Broncos who won 34-19
Fumbled Away
Cleveland Browns fans are still traumatized by
the untimely Ernest Byner lost fumble in the
1987 AFC Championship Game.  Cleveland lost
the game 23-20 in overtime
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