Discover the stories surrounding WKU's nickname story along with the school's mascots, colors and
many great traditions that take place on gameday and beyond.
Western Kentucky University Traditions
Discover the School Nickname, Mascots, Colors and More
WKU Nickname: Hilltoppers

It's said that you were to visit the Western Kentucky University
campus in Bowling Green, it would be quite evident why the
Hilltopper nickname was adopted by the school.  The nickname
evolved when the campus location was moved in 1911.  
Highlighting the move was a stream of the entire student body
carrying school materials and supplies
UP the Hill to the school's
new location
WKU Mascot: Big Red

No game day is complete at a Hilltopers game without the delightful
presence of "Big Red."  Why is the fuzzy mascot named that.  Most
likely because he's Big and Red.

But seriously.....Big Red was born in 1979 and made his first
appearance during a WKU basketball game that season.  Much like
the fanfare that Syracuse University's Otto the Orange has received,
Western Kentucky's Big Red has been honored with national "Key to
Spirit" Awards and was a key focal point of ESPN's promotion of it's
25,000 Sports Center in 2002.

This asexual and amorphous mascot has also made appearances
on the Ellen Degeneres Show and Deal or No Deal.  No WKU game
is complete without Big Red doing his famous Belly Slide and Belly
No!  This is not Elmo after too many trips
to Krispy Kreme!
WKU's Mascot Big Red
This view of the WKU campus illustrates how
one would have to be a
"Hilltopper to reach
this pictured building.
Always Seeing Red
When it comes to showing your support for WKU, it
always starts with a red towel.  The spirit enhancing
linen has also been incorporated into University logos.
WKU Red Towel Logo
Houchens Industries - L.T. Smith Stadium